With over fifteen years of experience in producing and presenting weather forecasts. My expertise at telling impactful weather stories by delivering accurate data, updated radar predictions and storm reporting. 

Reliable in utilizing mathematics and science-based information in reporting atmospheric conditions. Aptitude for solving problems using critical thinking.


Committed at employing world-class technology, analytical skills and news writing expertise to clearly communicate with public. Practical with explaining meteorological information using understandable and innovative methods. 

Willing to remain on call to report severe weather events during off-duty time periods. Hardworking and reliable, with a highly organized, proactive and punctual team-oriented mentality. 

Analytical and detail-oriented environmental platform developer to address environmental concerns. Skilled in Baron, WSI, WSI Max Solution, Google Workplace/Suite.


Leverage current broadcast and digital weather systems, including Baron and WSI technology for weather reporting. 

Collect data, established facts and draw valid conclusions regarding weather using long-range, medium-range, short-range model solutions, and drawing valid conclusions regarding weather using various weather platforms and software. 

Prepare graphics and maps displaying high and low-pressure systems and storm path projections. Communicate with news staff on weather information and stories. 

Worked closely with station producers and news team leaders, including EP and anchors to determine story strategies and direction. 

Coordinate with colleagues to execute weather brand strategy. Create weather stories for digital platforms and interact with social media users.

Utilize models to analyze and interpret data related to atmospheric conditions and enhance weather forecasts. Formulate predictions by interpreting environmental data. Analyzed historical climate information to help predict future weather or climate trends. 

Weather and Sustainability Platform Creator

Design frameworks addressing weather and environmental issues.

Created proof-of-concept eco-impact prototype applications for demonstration and evaluation purposes Coded user-customizable applications to convert raw data from design engine to graphical formats. 

Developed product and technology roadmap and strategy from concept to launch.

Coordinated with engineering teams to assess and optimize hardware and software interfaces. Monitored equipment functionality to verify optimal performance and adjust system controls. Managed remote teams focused on developing and testing new applications for weather migration and sustainable initiatives. Modified existing software systems to enhance performance and add new features. 

Detailed all aspects of software development in technical manuals and documentation to use in later projects. Participated in team meetings and provided input on deadlines, designs and enhancements. 


National Weather Service Internship (Oxnard, CA Office)

Drafted internship report to summarize position, responsibilities, learning outcomes and skills developed. Translated weather literature from English to Spanish. Assisted department staff by answering phone calls and responding to emails. 


Completed assigned duties and consistently produced high volume of work to support daily business needs. Adhered to strict security protocols to protect confidentiality of all data.


Liaised with management and instructors to receive constructive criticism for areas needing improvement.