*While much of my work has been on the operational side of meteorology, broadcast meteorology allows me to connect with viewer/end-user. This allows me to identify needs and opportunities in Weather, Climate and Environment.

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Weather Is My World

I Do What I Love

I am a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) and have been designated seal #860 by The American Meteorological Society.


I hold an MBA in Energy and Sustainability from the School of Climate Action at Franklin Pierce University, and studied under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Michael B. Mooiman and Dr. Jay C. Beeks. 

My commitment to our planet's environmental health, started during my undergraduate studies at Mississippi State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology.


Weather and Environment are very important to me, and I enjoy sharing various strategies and platforms to help get us on track towards a more sustainable future.

Affiliations and Memberships

Weather and Environmental Agencies

I conducted my internship at NWS Oxnard. I am a SKYWARN Spotter for The National Weather Service, a member of The American Geosciences Institute, American Meteorological Society, National Weather Association, U.S.G.B.C (Green Building Council) Los Angeles, Water Environment Federation, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, SAG/AFTRA, and Society of Professional Journalists.

Environmental Research

Projects, Patents, Products

Interest in Eco-Friendly products have been growing by .08% each year since 2012, adding an additional .48% revenue potential to marketing in the past 8 years. Spending on Health/Eco-Friendly related products has increased 14% in the same time frame, adding a revenue potential of around 340 Billion annually to an already 4.8 Trillion dollar annual spend. Eco-Friendly purchases account for roughly 600 Billion annually on it's own, while health sending for non-care related purposes crush the numbers at 4.2 Trillion. This number continues to increase each year as millennial shoppers (age groups of 18-32) tip the scales in “social” spending at 90%. This means Millennials will spend around 4.7 Trillion dollars this year within these 2 sectors alone.