Erika is an accomplished Meteorologist, Storm Chaser, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consultant, and Sustainable Applications Analyst. She holds patents and trademarks that lead the way in successful environmental initiatives. In August of 2018 she was named the Sustainability Officer and Meteorologist for the city of El Segundo.


Erika founded Sustainable Standard, Corp., the parent company of Eco-I, Conscious Commerce, WxEtcTV, and the Good Earth Foundation. She explains: "We're moving towards a world that must be retrofitted for sustainable implementations and actionable science! My goal for environmental leadership is to keep it intuitive and integrated in order to facilitate participation from the entire community."

Erika earned her degrees from Northfield Mount Hermon Preparatory School, Mississippi State University, and Franklin Pierce University, and has now begun the application process for a coveted position in UCLA's IoES program. In her efforts to encourage and facilitate environmental awareness, she's founded the non-profit organization, Good Earth. Learn more at www.goodearthgreen.org. Erika is dedicated to raising awareness for children on the spectrum, and enjoys her daily kundalini yoga time which she credits for keeping her focused, motivated, and grounded.


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